The Ramadan Offer! 🥳 / !عرض رمضان

The Ramadan Offer! 🥳 / !عرض رمضان

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يلا نحتفل برمضان! 

العرض :

    • ‭ ‬كتاب‭: ‬عدنان‭ ‬وطبق‭ ‬رمضان
    • ‭ ‬كتاب‭: ‬رحلة‭ ‬إختيار‭ ‬فانوس
    • دفتر‭ ‬رمضان
    • “ورقة‭ ‬لاصقة‭ ‬“ستكر
    •   ‬فانوس‭ ‬دلاية‭ ‬مصرية

🎁 أرسلها كهدية

❗️ عدد محدود! اطلب الأن! 

🇪🇬 صنع‭ ‬في‭ ‬مصر


This year, we wanted to put together something special for Ramadan. The holy month of Ramadan is one of my favorite times of the year, where we spend quality time with family. For that reason, we selected two of our favorite books that really exemplify the spirit of Ramadan and put them into a special package!

✅ This package comes with:

  1. Book “عدنان وطبق رمضان/Adnan and the Ramadan Dish”
  2. Book “رحلة اختيار فانوس/ The Journey of Selecting the Lantern” + Origami sheets 
  3. A Ramadan notebook
  4. A sheet of Ramadan stickers, and
  5. A small wooden lantern keychain. 

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🌙 Ramadan Kareem! 🌙