Launching Arabic Book A Month in Egypt!

After 6 months of operations in the USA, our team is so happy to finally launch in Egypt!

Ever since my friends and family became aware of my consistent passion for quality children’s books, I have always been asked the same questions:

“What books should I buy for my child/cousin/niece/nephew? Where do I find them? Are they good? I feel like Arabic children’s books are weaker than English ones. Where can I find good Arabic books that will actually make my child WANT to read in Arabic?”


This problem does not only face parents living in non-Arabic speaking countries. In Egypt, as well, parents have a hard time finding quality Arabic books for their children. Arabic Book A Month was made to precisely respond to this problem. Our customers are the men and women who invest in their families. They believe that providing their child with a quality education is the best gift they can give them. They value the time spent reading together, sparking discussion and connection. Their family is their highest priority. Caring for their child is not circumstantial; it is routine.

With hundreds of Arabic releases every month, we handpick the best books, guaranteeing you a steady flow of lovable Arabic books for your family to enjoy. I am very excited to provide this book subscription services for Arabic speaking parents worldwide.

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